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In 1856, ten physicians in Honolulu petitioned for, and received from King Kamehameha IV, a petition for charter of incorporation of a “society in Honolulu for the encouragement and cultivation of medical science…devoted to the collection and diffusion of medical knowledge, the advancement of the interests and usefulness of the medical profession and cultivation of harmony and good feelings among its members…”

The Honolulu County medical Society is a professional organization whose members practice in the City and County of Honolulu

About HCMS

"A Voice of One, the Strength of Many"

The HCMS mission is to bring together the physicians of the city and county of Honolulu into one organization for the purposes of: promoting collegial interaction among physicians, fostering and promoting the interests of its members and their patients, promoting the betterment of public health, and maintaining the high standards of medical practice through peer review.

Our Mission
Member Benifits

Your membership in the HMA/HCMS offers you many benefits!

DocBook, MD – phone application offering a HIPAA compliant communication information sharing system between member physicians. FREE for members.

Physicians Exchange of Hawaii annual discount. The annual discount actually exceeds the HCMS portion of overall membership dues.

Peer Review Program to protect your practice and your reputation.

Advocacy: Priceless, strong, effective political advocacy at the State Legislature to provide HMA members with a powerful voice for the enactment of just medical laws.

CME: 15 HMA-accredited programs offered statewide.

Public Health education and community advocacy opportunities.

Discounts at Hertz, Alamo, Outrigger Hotels, MBNA and more!

Dental Plans: Option to participate in the HMA Dental Plan with HI Dental Services.

HMA Directory of Physicians: Free listing in the annual edition of the HMA Directory.

Hawaii Medical Journal: Free subscription to the Journal and HMA Newsletter.

American Medical Association: Important representation at the national level.

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COVID-19 Maps and Visuals

CDC Updates

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Hawaii COVID-19 Issues & Advisories

Hawaii COVID 19 Issues Advisories

Statement from the president of Honolulu County Medical Society

Hawaii has always been geographically isolated, beautiful and fragile, as COVID-19 spreads globally and nationally, we are protected by our ability to isolate but we remain fragile. 

Protect yourself, protect each other and protect our healthcare workers by practicing social distancing (i.e., maintaining at least 6 ft distance or 2 arm’s length, whichever is longer, from others). Wash your hands and don’t touch your face. If you feel sick, get tested.  If you get sick, please stay home—get rest, drink plenty of fluids, and get better.  If you are older or have an underlying medical condition and become ill, call your doctor.

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